Training Center/Mat Room Rules

1.    Escort your child into the mat area.  Do not just drop them off out front.  If there is only one Sensei present wait until another Sensei or student arrives before you leave.

2.    This is a public safety training center please keep your voices down when entering and exiting.  We have multiple classrooms which may be in use.

3.    Make sure you do not enter the mat area with your shoes on.

4.    Make sure your feet are clean and your nails are trimmed.  Make sure you are practicing good hygiene for your partners.

5.    Be respectful of everyone.

6.    Parents if you utilize the chairs and tables in the lobby make sure we are cleaning up after ourselves.

7.    No kids running around in the training center.

8.    The Sensei are the ones instructing; Do not coach your child during practice.  If you have questions wait until after class and ask the Sensei.

9.    This is for the kids and this should be a fun experience for them, let’s make sure we are modeling the proper behavior for them.

10.  If you are the last parent picking up your child make sure no single child is left behind with only one Sensei present.  Wait for their parent to arrive.